OCTOBER 2nd to 8th, 2016

ACCOMMODATIONS :: Voi Donna Camilla Savelli

 $4250 per person

Double Occupancy Includes

 Sunday, October 2nd

Trip starts at 1:30 p.m. in lobby of Voi Donna Camilla Sevilli

Walking Tour

Elizabeth takes us a leisurely 2 hour walking tour of Central Rome, designed to be of interest to first-time visitors as well as those who know Rome well

Drinks at Hotel Minerva

A glorious way to cap off our first day together with drinks atop one of Europe’s classic grand hotels

Optional dinner :: _________?_______________

For those not ready to call it a day, we offer this optional dinner choice

Monday, October 3rd

 Centro Storico

Today we begin our exploration of Roman Cuisine in earnest as we tour in the Roman Ghetto and then the markets and shops of Centro Storico

Lunch :: ______________?___________

Caffè culture

We have a charming and concise introduction to one of the organizing principles of everyday life in Rome: coffee!

 Pizza for Dinner!

But first comes our lesson is the very best in this quintessential Roman food beginning in mid-afternoon in the kitchen of Gabriele Bonci (the ‘Michaelangelo of Roman pizza’ according to The Guardian).

We have a comprehensive and utterly hands-on introduction that culminates in a delicious dinner centered around—what else?—pizza! 

Tuesday, October 4th


Food, history and politics

We start with a brief driving tour of ‘EUR’, Mussolini’s planned community as window into the way politics and cuisine are so often intertwined, especially in food-obsessed Italy.

Sergio Mottura Vineyard

Our day’s ‘Main Event’ We spend our afternoon at this lovely vineyard an hour north of the city Touring, sampling and then with a lovely farm to table dinner

Wednesday, October 5th

An ambitious day in a busy week--and one that is book-ended front and back with optional Strolls (I assume you can pull a few stops together for both…?)

Optional Bakery Stroll in the morning

We shop for ingredients in the morning, break for a (delightful!) group lunch

Lunch :: __________?______________

And spend then the afternoon preparing a dinner featuring the classics of Roman cuisine_________?____________. But why rush things? The day is paced to enjoy each part so with this in mind we break for a guided Apertivo tasting before our evening meal.

What better way to end than an

Optional Gelato Stroll in the evening

Thursday, October 6th

Fattoria di Fiorano

We tour this gorgeous organic farm and vineyard, receive a tutorial on Roman vegetables and their uses—and then enjoy a fabulous farm to table luncheon.

Ostia Anitca

More food and history—this time of the ancient variety. 

We tour the harbor of Ancient Rome to give further context to our understanding of how commerce and cuisine have shaped one another throughout the millennia

OPTIONAL DINNER :: _______________?__________________

 Friday, October 7th

Castel Gandolfo

We tour this charming Alban hill town just outside of Rome, the site of the Papal summer residence which includes a working farm committed to maintaining traditional agricultural and husbandry methods.

Open Afternoon

A little time to explore, enjoy, rest up, shop—whatever your heart’s desire may be as we wind up our fun-filled week..

Our Big Night Out

Saturday, October 8th

Tour Ends