Studio Traveler and Adeline took the time to tailor a tour that fit our interests as a preservation organization, finding those off-the-beaten-path places that would make the tour special and memorable. Our hotels and restaurants were carefully chosen and personally vetted so that our tour flowed flawlessly, and our participants were able to focus on time with friends and exploring sites. It’s the personal attention to detail that sets these tours apart, and makes them the kind of experience that you can’t wait to tell to your friends and family.                                                    BENJAMIN BRIGGS, PRESERVATION GREENSBORO, INC.

We LOVE traveling with Adeline Talbot and Studio Traveler!  We are avid and experienced travelers who for decades have hauled our kids hither and yon as our favorite travel companions... all on trips that we ourselves conceived, organized, and orchestrated.  Whew, am I really delighted to hand the reins over to Adeline!  We have visited Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Berlin with Captain Trip-leader Talbot... the insider access to private homes, private gardens, private galleries, and private museum tours with local guides is outstanding and often completely unbelievable.  The hotels and restaurants are always  a combination of "you MUST eat here" and "WOW, this is an edgy, cool place to sleep for a week." The itineraries are always expertly honed with smooth transitions from gardens to homes to galleries.  With Adeline you are always busy which keeps our shopping addiction under control... we come home with memories, photos, new friends, and checks on our bucket lists instead of stuff!   Now Adeline, cover your ears, the trip pricing is more than reasonable!  Eddie likes to travel "elite style" and Melinda is the "travel tightwad", but with Studio Traveler we are both happy.We look forward to our next journey to LA with Adeline in the fall.  Come with us!    MELINDA PAUL, MD 

The Weatherspoon Art Museum has partnered with Studio Traveler on several fantastic, art-filled trips.  I can attest that my life has been made much easier by working with Adeline, who has a true knack for making each trip an "excellent adventure." From working with me on securing special museum tours and visits to artists' studios and collectors to selecting great hotels at reasonable prices and finding some of the tastiest restaurants in town--I can't imagine any better travel mate!!    NANCY DOLL, WEATHERSPOON ART MUSEUM 

No travel professional could have done a more perfect job of developing and leading our group of 8 friends who wanted to create an adventure filled with art and outdoor fun! Sightseeing, hiking, art galore, cooking classes, perfect meals and accommodations...what could be better! We learned and laughed and loved it all. Seamless. Sensational. I'd go anywhere with Adeline Talbot!  ELIZABETH HERRINGTON

Studio Traveler is an ideal way to travel, especially if you love great food, art, historical preservation, and excellent camaraderie! I have been on 2 trips with Adeline Talbot and Studio Traveler: to LA and Chicago with a trip coming up in June to the Venice Biennale. I can’t think of one thing that went wrong on either of the trips. Adeline made sure our experience was perfect. Hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums, private art collections, transportation, and everything else in between provided a wonderful travel experience. A Studio Traveler trip will always be in my future!     LAUREN WORTH

Travel should be fun, hassle free and full of interest and pleasant surprises. I have taken many trips with Studio Traveler and Adeline Talbot including visits to LA, Seattle, Santa Fe, Marfa, Dallas, Washington  and New York City. Adeline’s trips are very “well curated” including the hotel accommodations, restaurant choices, transportation, museum and gallery selection and private art visits. All the accompanying details are professionally handled, well organized and Adeline makes sure that each trip includes some unique touches. I look forward to my next adventure with Studio Traveler!   NANCY LUICK BRYAN