by adeline talbot

Kristin Peterson Edwards, of KPE ARTS, and I are down here in Buenos Aires leading a trip and having the time of our lives.  I am so in love with 'BA' that it positively feels like a crush.  Yep, that's it.  I have a crush on a city.  Everything is fun and everything is unexpected--and I can't wait to do some follow-up posts on my new favorite place--but not today...today I send photos of the sweetest little place that is just an hour ferry ride away from Buenos Aires, across the River Plata---Colonia del Sacremento, Uruguay. 

It is a very beautiful place and sleepy in all the right ways which makes it the perfect day trip from the super sophisticated, vibrant, vastness that is Buenos Aires.  There are sites to see in this 400-year-old village that retains much of its original architecture but perhaps its even greater allure is its cafes, shops and panoramic views.  Lunch, stroll, stop for a snack, stroll some more, maybe pop in a shop or two, have a drink, dinner and back to the ferry.  May not sound like enough, but you're gonna have to trust me on this one--or look at the photos we took on our recent jaunt.  The scroll includes a mix of Kristin's and my photos.  And if you'd like a recommendation on a most special and unexpected restaurant,  I'll suggest Charo.  We were so impressed with the restaurant that we asked to see the rest of the property which includes a garden overlooking the river and a few very sweet hotel rooms. I found the aesthetic irresistible.  Something tells me that my next trip to Colonia may be an overnighter...