by adeline talbot

Anywhere.  Any time.

That about sums up the way I feel.  

If Benjamin Briggs, director of Preservation Greensboro, recommends a spot, then by golly we’re going! 

Benjamin and I have partnered on quite a number of trips at this point--seven, I believe by last count—and even though we already have a trip on for next year,  we’ve added a second. We just couldn’t seem to stop ourselves.

 Benjamin recently visited Detroit and absolutely, positively could not stop raving about this unexpected delight of a city hence what we like to call one of our ‘pop up’ trips--a quick in and out weekend deep dive to this great Phoenix of city.

Between Benjamin’s excellent advance work and his equally excellent contacts we think we’ve pulled together a terrific introduction to the Motor City, one that showcases the city’s glorious story through its many decades. Detroit-based Christman, the restoration group behind Greensboro’s Cascade Saloon as well as Hemingway’s Cuban retreat, Finca Vigia, and such closer home projects as the Fisher Building, the Michigan Central Railway Depot and Fair Lane, the Henry Ford Estate, are excited about our visit, so much so they have signed on to help by opening doors and making contacts to ensure a truly exceptional, one of kind tour.

So I ask you—what are you waiting for?

Click this link for the Detroit Pop Up itinerary.  

Click this link for the itinerary of the Architecture of England trip next September.

…and read on for a few words from Benjamin on as he puts it  ‘The Motown Lowdown’…

Perhaps you heard that Detroit has begun a remarkable rebound, but you can’t fully understand the scope and scale of revitalization efforts in the Motor City…unless you visit!

For a generation, Detroit has been the tagline for commentary on the ills of urban America. As cities like New York, Cleveland, and Buffalo have achieved revitalization their city centers, Detroit seemed left behind…until now. Within sixteen months of emerging from the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy, partnerships between city and state government, business leaders, and the city's philanthropic community have led a massive community re-investment including the construction of an iconic 912-foot tall mixed use development, new developments to attract Millennial urban dwellers, and the recently announced Ford Motor Company rehabilitation of the abandoned Michigan Central Station. Detroit is experiencing a remarkable revitalization that you should see for yourself!

                                     BB November 2018